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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  June 16, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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test. test.
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these are all the beverages that wibe subject to the higher tax and that could lead to higher grocery bills for people in philadelphia. lauren mayk is live with the latest from city hall. the council has been in session for just about an hour. what can you tell us has happened so far? >> they have been having different meetings this morning. they have been caucusing actually just up until recently. they're getting ready to go into chambers to really get things started today. that is behind me. city council chambers, as well as some kids. let me show you what's happening over here. these kids here are coming as part of the pro side of things, because as you know, the soda tax will fund a lot of new pre-k seats. these kids are coming here as part of that effort to talk to the city council members and thank them for their yes votes
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today. now, i have seen folks on both sides of this issue today. they're all coming here to see what happens. and this -- let me tell you about what's on the table here. it's a 1.5 cent per ounce tax on sweetened beverages. that includes diet soda and regular soda. that's a change from what we originally talked about. this is a compromise deal. the mayor wanted 3 cents on drinks just sweetened with sugar. that ran into some resistance here in council, and they came up with this compromise plan. now, one of the controversies from this is that as this deal was coming together, we also found out that some of this money would also go toward the fund balance in addition to that pre-k money and in addition to the money going to parks and rec. now, today is the final day to get this done before the city council break.
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so there are a lot of people packing that room today, waiting to see this vote. we're going to go back in there and we'll keep you updated on what happens. for now, live at city hall, lauren mayk, nbc10 news. >> and here are some young supporters of the soda tax that lauren just showed us. these preschoolers visited city hall to thank council members ahead of the vote and create a fun science experiment using soda and mentos. it would be used to fund universal pre-k and revitalize safe public spaces. stay with nbc10 for the latest on the vote. you can also get uidates on the nbc10 app. all right, a few minutes after 11:00 on this thursday, and it started out gray, and we're still dealing with rain in parts of our area. here's a live look outside over market street in center city, philadelphia. nbc10 first alert chief
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meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast. a little gloomy outside, glenn. >> yeah, and it's going to stay that way for a number of hours, but not all the way through the weekend. you can see over the last few hours, just a solid area of rain that came through the philadelphia area earlier. that's moving through cape may and out to sea. we do have another cluster that's coming into the city, but not much behind it. so we're not expecting a whole lot more rain during the afternoon. but this is, of course, pretty significant, even a little bit of lightning in chester county. it's just right near coatesville. this is moving more toward the southeast rart than straight west to east, so i don't think that's going to actually get into philadelphia itself. this is the last of the steadier rain moving through cape may right now. and conditions will improve at least a little bit there. we have reports of rain in delaware and lehigh valley. we have had some.
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of course, we had some in philadelphia. look at the temperature, only 65 degrees. 69 degrees in parts of new jersey. so it is going to be a cloudy afternoon, but a lot of this rain is going to be moving out. we'll have a few showers from time to time earlier this afternoon. but i think the heaviest rain for the day is either over or is going to be happening within the next hour. we do still expect a few showers, especially in western sections tonight. and then conditions will improve. here's the forecast for the rest of the day. lots of clouds around. as we go through the afternoon. some showers possible around 2:00, but by the afternoon rush, a lot of the area is going to be drying out. maybe even a peek of sunshine in a couple of places, a sign of things to come. we'll get into the weekend in more detail coming up. >> all right, glenn, we'll see you then. right now, president obama and vice president joe biden are on their way to orlando to meet with families torn apart by the
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deadly mass shooting at pulse nightclub. here's the latest on the shooting investigation. a senate committee says gunman omar mateen made a series of facebook posts before and during the attack sunday morning. in them, he wrote, quote, filthy ways of the west. he also searched facebook for reactions in the middle of the shooting spree. the committee is asking facebook's ceo, mark zuckerberg, for help uncovered the trail mateen left behind online. leanne gregg is live in orlando with more on the presidential visit as well as the investigation into this deadly attack. >> hi, katy. we learned federal officials will use a federal grand jury to help them investigate the shooting. they have also renewed a plea to the public to help them in tracking the movements of the gunman in the time leading up to the attack. today, president obama and vice president biden will arrive in a community still in shock. the two will meet with first
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responders, families of victims, and survivors of the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. >> the gunshots kept coming closer and closer and closer. >> survivors like eddy veags, who made it to the men's bathroom inside the nightclub when the shots rang out. >> if he would have come in, he would have got everybody. >> this morning, the fbi is putting out this poster calling on anyone with information about the gunman to come forward. >> we need your help through in developing the most complete picture of what the shooter did and why he did it. >> a picture that includes forensic information from the crime scene, where the fbi says it recovered omar mateen's cell phone and later collected a computer and camera, discovering he downloaded terrorist related material. but still, no clear sign of a motive or a plan for another attack. >> there's nothing to suggest there was any other target other than the pulse nightclub. >> and federal officials continue to focus on mateen's
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wife, noor salmon, who told detectives she feared her husband going to the club saturday night but never called police. but today with the president's arrival, the focus is on the community still trying to cope with the loss of 49 lives. of the 53 people injured, 23 remain hospitalized, six in critical condition. doctors warn that the death toll from the shooting could rise. katy. >> leanne gregg reporting from orlando. thank you. >> west catholic high school invited students, friends, and family to remember one of their own. @-year-old akyra murray was one of the 49 people killed at pulse nightclub in orlando. nbc10 was not allowed inside, but from outside, youd could see the emotions. more than 300 people came out to remember murray, who had just graduated days before. she was a stand-out student, a basketball player, who scored
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1,000 career points and also earned a college scholarship. >> she just did everything the right way. >> every day i wake up, i go on facebook, instagram, on twitter and see rip, akyra, and i can't believe she's gone. >> she was in orlando with two other people who were also shot. both of them are still recovering in the hospital. >> people came together in bucks county last night to show solidarity with the lgbt community following the attack in orlando. sky force 10 flew over the vigil. more than 100 people lit candles to support the victims of sunday's massacre. and they read the names of the 49 who were killed. right now, homicide detectives are investigating a suspicious death in philadelphia's parkside neighborhood. around 1:30 this morning, police got a call about an unresponsive man lying in the middle of the street at st. bernard and thompson. officers found the 35-year-old man who had a bump on his head and abrasions on his elbows.
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the man died at the scene. officers also found a silver wrench near his body. police have not released the man's identity yet. new this morning, police in bucks county are investigating after a homeowner chased and shot a man he thought was trying to steal items from his car. this is where the chase ended, at bridge street and pennsylvania aef in morrisville, bucks county. police say it started a few blocks away on woodland avenue. ú?e homeowner claims he saw the man breaking into his home. he went back into his home, retrieved a gun. in that time, the suspect had taken off in his car. the homeowner followed and when they got here to where you're looking at in the video, the suspect crashed into a tree and ran away. the homeowner shot him once in the arm. police ended up catching the suspect. he's listed in stable condition. investigators are trying to determine what caused this house fire in gloucester county. the fire started on the first floor of the house at billings
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avenue and seventh street around 12:30 this morning. it then spread to the second floor. no one was hurt in that fire. right now, jurors are in their first full day of deliberations in the corruption trial of congressman shock acha fatt fattah. they got the case shortly after 3:00 yesterday afternoon, and deliberated for about two hours yesterday. with 28 counts and 5 defendants, court room watchers expect jurors may take their time with this case. fattah is accused of taking a $1 million mayoral loan to fund his bid in 2007. he claims he's inseptember. they claim they hid the lope by laundering the money through charitable grants through private companies. you can stay on top of the deliberations on air and on the nbc10 app. we'll let you know the moment jurors reach a decision. we are following breaking news overseas this morning.
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coming up, the discovery that raises hopes that investigators will find clues to the cause of that egyptair crash last month. plus, pulling an all-nighter. that's what happened on the senate floor. we'll tell you why democrats hope that it leads to changes in gun control. >> we're going to see improving conditions as the day goes on. not immediately, though. and is the dry weather going to last for father's day? i'll have a look at your weekend forecast just ahead.
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welcome back. it's 11:15 on your thursday morning. we have breaking news in the disappearance of the egyptair jet that crashed into the mediterranean sea. egyptian officials say crews have found the cockpit voice recorder and have pulled it out of the water. the so-called black box has been damaged, but the most important part, the memory unit, has been recovered. this comes just a day after crews spotted the wreckage of the plane flight ms-804. the crashed last month with 66 people onboard headed from paris to cairo. happening now, senate democrats are calling for gun control legislation. >> racism, sexism. >> this is a live look from washington, where the senators are joined by survivors of gun violence. this comes in the wake of the attack in orlando, and on the eve of the one-year anniversary of the church shooting in
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charleston, south carolina. it also follows the nearly 15-hour filibuster by chris murphy. who is seen standing in that group there. >> people on the terrorist watch list should not be able to buy guns and criminals to not be able to buy guns. >> he ended his more than 15-hour filibuster when he says republican leaders allowed votes on two proposed gun measures. one would prevent people on the terrorist watch list from buying guns. the other would expand background gun checks. he launched that filibuster yesterday joined by 40 other senators including new jersey democrat cory booker. meantime, pennsylvania republican senator pat toomey has his own gun bill in the wake of the attack. he's set to introduce that legislation today that he says will help insure that terrorists are kept from perching a firearm. but he says his proposal also protects the second amendment rights of law abiding gun
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owners. strong winds are continuing to fan the flames of this wildfire burning in southern california. it's still not clear how the fire began wednesday afternoon in santa barbara county. it has charred more than 1100 acres of land. the wildfire forced officials to close 30 miles of a highway and evacuate homes in that area. we still have some areas of some fairly heavy rain, even a little bit of lightning. this is in chester county right now. and it's moving into northern new castle county. there we are. you can see that it's come down. it was in coatesville, moving more to the south, headed more toward newark than it is even toward wilmington, but wilmington should get grazed by this. kenneth square should get grazed by this, but philadelphia's all the way over there, and i don't think that's going to make it
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in. this is the last of another batch of heavy rain that's moving through cape may now. things are quieting down on the other side of that. and you can see this area of steady rain in the philadelphia area. most of this is on the lighter side, but it is fairly steady. it's going to take a little while for this to actually dry up and clear out. the temperature held down because of all the clouds and the rain, in the 60s pretty much everywhere. 65 in philadelphia and in mt. holly. and the temperature, 11, 12, 13 degrees colder than at this time yesterday. so it's obviously a chilly day. and this is what's been expected. we have a northeast wind, and that is going to keep atlantic city close to the ocean temperature of 65. but that ocean temperature is fairly high. that's going to help out the shore on father's day weekend, maybe not being as cool as it would normally be with the wind coming in off the ocean this time of the year.
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so the rain will be moving out during the day today. and as we go into the afternoon, we're going to see drier air come in over all. still be a few showers around. keep your umbrellas handy just in case, but i don't think we'll get heavy showers and thunderstorms like we're having right now in parts of the area. there is a lot more back out to the west, but that's going to go down to washington, d.c. and not come in this area. in the meantime, on friday morning, the dry air starts to come down from the south, and that is going to set us up for this beautiful weekend across the area. lots and lots of sunshine. there's saturday. everybody sunny. sunday, just about everybody is sunny. of course, it's cooler right at the jersey shore with the sea breeze, especially on saturday. but that warmer ocean helps prevent it from being a little bit cooler, like i said, it would stay well down in the 60s.
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neighborhoods tomorrow are looking pretty good. way better than today. we start off with a little cloud cover in philadelphia, but then afternoon sun pushes temperatures near 80 degrees. lehigh valley, we have more sunshine because it's going to clear quicker. and then in the jersey shore, in parts of delaware, you see we have raindrops there, that's perhaps a morning rain followed by just cloudy skies, followed by some sun in the afternoon. that will keep the temperatures down. remember, philadelphia area near 80 degrees. much of delaware still in the 70s. i'll be back with the ten-day forecast and see if some of that heat in the middle of the country is headed this way. >> all right, we'll see you then. he's the eighth grader that is already ready for late night. >> what we need is a cinnamon roll revolution. >> who does that remind you of? the hilarious impersonations
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this kid did at his eighth grade graduation is what everyone is talking about, and we'll show you more coming up.
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welcome back. it's almost 11:30. it's been a historic year for women in politics. hillary clinton has become the first female presidential nominee from a major political party. and our next guest has truly been a trailblazer in helping women achieve economic, political, and social equality for many years.
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lynn is the director of drexel university college of medicine's institute for women's health and leadership. quite an impressive title. and she's also the founder and president of vision 20/20, a nationwide campaign to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the passing of the 19th amendment, coming up in a few years, in 2020. it's a pleasure to have you with us. >> thank you. it's nice to be here. >> vision 2020 is still four years away, but the plans have been in the works for a while. tell us about it. >> i certainly will. it's very exciting. we are now working toward the year 2020 when we plan to have the largest gathering of women leaders ever in history here in philadelphia. for the centennial of the 19th amendment, which granted women the right to vote. and we are very excited about this. the u.s. senate resolution has been sponsored by our senior senator from pennsylvania, and designating philadelphia as the
11:25 am
site and vision 2020 as the host. so we're calling it women 100, because it's the 100th anniversary, and it's all about women's leadership, and we have delegates in every state across the country, and almost 100 allied organizations which represent millions of women and girls and men and boys. so to get there, we are focusing on shared leadership among women and men in government and business in particular. which makes this a very interesting historic time in our country. you know, in pennsylvania, just as an example, there's not a single woman in the pennsylvania delegation to congress at this point. and it's time to, you know, have women representing our voices and our views and the things that we care about. so it's exciting. it's a very exciting time, and we're very looking forward to philadelphia celebrations. >> will the events take place
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over a week, a month, has that been finalized? >> the whole year. there will be all kinds of things going on in 2020. >> to commemorate the anniversary. >> yes, in particular in march of that year, we'll have a big opening ceremony at the national constitution center, and we're working now on planning an exhibit that will be a women's history exhibit, which will be a great way to honor the past. and then in august, which is the actual month of the ratification, august 26th, we'll have a national convening of delegates and thought leaders from all over the country, and they'll be here in philadelphia. and we'll look at where we are with 50/50 shared leadership among women and men in government and business. we're not there by any means at this point. then we'll set the agenda for the 21st century. then in november, we have a modest goal, november 3rd, 2020, of having every eligible woman vote in the elections that year.
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so that's pretty exciting. >> so it is exciting. all right, mark your calendars. lynn, thank you so much for joining us. for more information about vision 2020, you can head to our website,, or check out the nbc10 app. again, thanks so much for being here with us this morning. we'll mark it on the calendar. lawmakers in philadelphia are getting ready to vote on the city's proposed soda tax. coming up, we'll explain what it means for the price of sugary drinks and where that money will go. >> the democratic national convention is just over a month away, but starting today, you can get your own piece of history. i'll tell you how next.
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it's decision day for
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philadelphia city council. council members are expected to pass a controversial soda tax plan that would make philadelphia the biggest city in the country to impose taxes on soda and other sugary drinks. the no-philly grocery tax coalition is hosting this pop-up display at city hall. that group says these are all the beverages that would be subject to higher taxes and that could lead to higher grocery bills for you. city council has been meeting for the last hour and a half, and this is a live look from inside city hall. members will decide whether or not to approve a 1.5 cents an ounce tax on all sugary drinks. city council also said a prayer for the victims in the orlando massacre. this is the final vote on the sugary tax bill. it failed here twice before, but this time, it is expected to pass. the majority of the money raised will go to fund universal pre-kindergarten throughout the
11:32 am
city, creating about 6500 new slots for children waiting to enroll in that program. another chunk of the revenue would help revitalize recreational centers throughout the city. and here are some young supporters of the soda tax. these preschoolers visited city hall this morning to thank council members ahead of the vote and to create a fun science experiment using soda and mentos. as we have said, a portion of the soda tax would be used to fund universal pre-k. stay with nbc10 for the latest on the vote. you can also get updates on the nbc10 app. well, the rain is still sticking around at the jersey shore. here's a live look now at sea isle city. the sun is trying to peek out. nbc10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast. a gloomy, rainy, and even thunderstorms in some parts, right? >> that's right. we don't expect the sun to come
11:33 am
out at the shore, but over the weekend, it's a different story. we have that solid area of rain in cape may county. the only thunderstorms we're seeing are right around northern delaware. just coming out of chester county and as we go in a little bit more, we'll see just where they're headed. so obviously, some of this is coming right into wilmington. already getting rain now, just going to get heavier a little bit of that heavier rain right over newark. getting into the heavier rain in just the next few minutes. now, as we look back a little bit, we'll find that there really isn't much other than dry air in the middle of the country. that is what is eventually headed our way. but we have to get rid of this stuff first. this is steadier rain in cape may. may have to deal with the remnants of that area over philadelphia right now.
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but it continues to move, the weather conditions will continue to improve. and the temperature won't be going up a whole lot. still 67 degrees in much of delaware. we have cloudy skies everywhere. 65 in the p.a. suburbs. and as we go through the afternoon, we're going to find perhaps a touch of clearing late in the day, and then perhaps also another round of some showers, in southern parts of the area, clouds for the p.a. suburbs and the lehigh valley. watch as we go farther to the south, we have more clouds and maybe even some rain by daybreak, new jersey and the jersey shore. mow about what to expect for the weekend and beyond in a few minutes. all right, we'll see you then. new this morning, we now have surveillance video of the crash and shooting in morrisville, bucks county, we told you about earlier in the newscast. randy gyllenhaal is live for us with more on the video and the
11:35 am
details about this investigation. randy, quite a story behind this one, huh? and police say this started early this morning when the homeowner just woke up and saw a suspect stealing a car outside of his house. that homeowner grabbed a gun and gave chase. they came here to bridge street and morrisville, and that stolen car, takeaic loo, crashes right here into a beauty salon. by the way, the whole thing was caught on surveillance video. take a look. you can see the stolen car swerving at the intersection then crashing into the side of this salon. the homeowner then gets out of the chase car and police say he then shoots at the suspect twice, hitting him once in the arm. police quickly got on scene. both men are now in the custody of authorities. at this point, it's far too early to know whether the homeowner will be charged for firing his weapon. police tell us they're still looking at many angle of surveillance video and they want to interview these two men and they say it's far too early to know if charges will be filed.
11:36 am
meantime, the suspect is in the hospital after being shot in the arm. i did speak to the owner of this nail salon. they say the damage is pretty bad outside here from the crash, but they're just glad nobody else was injured. live in morrisville, randy gyllenhaal, nbc10 news. >> happening today, family and friends are remembering the 2-year-old boy killed by an alligator at a disney world resort. a rosary service is being held in honor of lane graves this morning. it's happening at st. patrick's church in the boy's hometown of elkhorn, nebraska. the church is also accepting donations for his family. >> the orange county sheriff's office in florida tweeted out this picture of the little boy last night. his body was found yesterday in a lagoon near the hotel where the family had been staying. on tuesday, he was standing near the lagoon with his dad when he was snatched by the alligator. police are now saying they think he drowned. florida fish and wildlife is looking for the alligator that grabbed the boy. and late last night, robert,
11:37 am
the chairman and ceo of disney released a statement saying in part, as a parent and grandparent, my heart goes out to the graves family during this time of dev stating loss. >> disney opened its first theme park in mainland china today. it expects it to attract up to 50 million guests a year. almost 45% of people in china say they plan to visit the theme park in the next 12 months. service workers alt four atlantic city casinos will vote today on whether or not to authorize a strike. the workers at seizer's harris, balties, and tropicana would join those who have already approved a strike. they're all members of a union and that union said the workers made concessions in lean times and they want pay increases now that the casinos are making money again. >> today, a lawmaker from mercer county will propose a new way to raise money for cash-strapped
11:38 am
atlantic city. this plan will let voters decide whether or not to make marijuana legal in a.c. the proposal is named the promoting opportunities for tomorrow bill or p.o.t., for short. it would ask people whether to allow people who are 21 or older to grow, sell, or possess and use marijuana in atlantic city. if sold, it would be taxed at 21% of its market price. >> we are just over a month away from the democratic national convention in philadelphia. it's coming up fast. just like we saw during the pope's visit, there's a big push and movement for memorabilia and keepsakes, something by which to remember the history making event. now you can get your own piece of history before the dnc even comes to town. matt delucia got an early look and shows us how. >> there's more to a political convention than politics. >> philadelphia based, a lot of philadelphia iconic images to
11:39 am
it. a bit of philadelphia flare to it. >> working donkeys appropriately into imagery of america's birthplace. >> hats, buttons, pins, kids stuff. >> that takes talent. >> i wanted stuff that would stand out, and hopefully it does. >> shane here is one of seven local artists picked by a local company, impact dimensions. their job was to create this, something that will appeal to the thousands who descend on philadelphia for the democratic national convention. >> we kind of designed the stuff knowing we wanted it to sell really well, and we want it to be stuff that people will wear, you know, even outside of the convention. >> the items are for sale online at and later this month in a pop-up store in the comcast center. for his part, luis got a taste making trinkets and tchotchkes for last year's papal visit. >> that helped us a lot in setting up. some experience. >> for shane, it's kind of
11:40 am
surreal in that he's one half of a two-man company now getting a rare shot at a huge audience. >> he's hoping this kind of exposure will help build the brand of duke and winston. >> we never would have been able to get involved with something like this as the level, at the size we are, so it's huge for us. >> to bring the feel of philadelphia when politics aren't always one size fits all. >> it is pretty cool when you walk in and see somebody wearing a hat or t-shirt and go, we made that. we were part of that. that's pretty cool. >> all this merchandise, you can buy it right now. we have a link to the website on in center city, matt delucia, nbc10 news. >> all right, thank you, matt. an eighth grader from the chicago area may have a successful saturday night live career ahead of him. he's only in eighth grade. take a listen as he impersonates presidential candidates at his graduation. >> hello. congratulations. you're now getting to hear a speech from the magnificent
11:41 am
donald trump. >> don't even think he had to tell us who he was doing. students were told to write graduation speeches. the teachers and staff loved jack's impression so much that they named him as graduation speaker. see if you can guess who he's imitating here. >> let me start with the lunches. they're delicious. things like pizza and tacos and chips. you name it. and some of the best cinnamon rolls i have ever tasted. what we need is a cinnamon roll revolution. >> he has everyone here in the studio laughing. yeah, that was bernie sanders. and that eighth grader, he can also do hillary clinton and ted cruz. >> well, coming up next, striking out domestic violence. a ticket to tonight's phillies game won't just support the team, it will support a very important cause. we'll tell you what's in store just ahead. well, the rain is going to be winding down through much of
11:42 am
our area this afternoon. and is that dry weather going to last through the weekend? i'll let you know what to expect where you live just ahead. the roast looks good dad. how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother because she needs more followers. ok.
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now be sure to tag your mother dear fellow citizen, hunting treasures with my daughter is wonderful. because before i'm ready, she'll be off to college. i want to help her pay her way there,
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like i do for my son. call 1-866-999-0156 as a leader in student lending, we have student loan options that others don't. if you have a question about student loans, ask me. sincerely, michele wright fellow mom and fellow citizen. call 1-866-999-0156 to apply now. the roast looks good dad. how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother because she needs more followers. ok. welcome back. it's about 11:45 on your thursday, and quarterbacks usually look to their teammates for help, right? but eagles rookie qb carson wentz turned to two men, one armed with a garden shear, when he found himself in a tough spot.
11:45 am
tweeted last night, just got locked in a bathroom at an nj gas station. praise the lord for the attendant with the garden shears and the other guy with the leg kick. that has been tweeted more than 4,000 times. he was drafted by the eagles in the draft, and training camp begins next month. well, this is a great story just in time for father's day. tonight, the phillies will honor a truly fantastic dad who was working to make a difference to protect victims of domestic violence. temple university police captain joe garcia recently received the pennsylvania coalition against domestic violence's first ever excellence in male leadership award for eastern pennsylvania. quite an award. joe will also throw out the ceremonial first pitch at tonight's game against the toronto blue jays. joe is here along with michael harris, director of marketing and special projects for the philadelphia eagles. thank you both for -- philadelphia here, i'm thinking about wentz.
11:46 am
for the philadelphia phillies. you should have corrected me. thank you so much for being here. joe, congratulations on your big honor. tell us why the mission to end domestic violence is so personal for you, joe. >> you know, i'm a survivor of it, first of all. i'm a child of a survivor. my mother experienced it. and so there are consequences for that, when you grow up as a child of a survivor. and so this is important because what's important that we continue to talk about what's happened, what's happening today, what happened last couple of decades. >> it wasn't talked about. >> it wasn't talked about, and it's underreported. so as a police officer, as a community activist, as a husband and as a father, it's really important for us to keep that message out there, to hopefully
11:47 am
talk to some folks who might listen and who might be able to get out and get help. >> it really is underreported. what do you say to people who are discouraged or fearful of coming forward? >> i usually tell them to just prepare. i think that's the first step in doing something like this, preparing. putting away a little bit of money and getting a bag a, an escape bag. you start it step by step, as i have done, as i have helped some folks to seek help. >> michael, tell us why this is such an important campaign for the team. >> athletes can be very powerful role models. so our hope is that we can help send a very powerful message that domestic violence is a serious problem. we need to do everything possible to try to stop it. if anyone is experiencing it or witnessing it, they should speak up if possible, and just try to lead by example. that's how our organization can help. in a very small way with the overall cause. >> in that vein, what can fans
11:48 am
expect to see or here tonight? >> it's an honor to have joe. it's about joe tonight. he'll be acknowledged pregame on the field. he is going to throw out the first pitch. hopefully he'll get loose and throw a strike. >> you can take off the suit jacket. >> and we'll go to show a psa showing our players and manager. >> great. and we're looking at the psa right now. so some of the players and you said your general manager. >> our manager, pete mackanin, variety of players, and this goes to try to send a powerful message in using the immense popularity and power of the players to send a very important message. >> hopefully the game is well attended and that message gets out to so many people. all right, thank you, michael and joe, for joining us. you can watch joe throw out the first pitch at tonight's game. tickets are still available. get more details on our website,, or just go to the nbc10 app. again, thanks, gentlemen, and good luck at tonight's game. >> go phils.
11:49 am
>> i'll be at the game sunday, and there's going to be great weather for that, or anything else this weekend. not so great right now across parts of the area. we have a steady rain just about to end at the shore, and we have this cluster of some heavy showers and even a little bit of lightning here in northern delaware, this is moving toward the southeast, and so it's going to get there about 12:07, upper deerfield, 12:24, and if it holds together, of course, it would head down to the shore a little later. but this is what is ahead of us. a huge dome of dry air that is going to be coming down from northeast. that is going to clear us out during the day tomorrow. everybody has cloudy skies. everybody is in the 60s. there's some areas of rain. one of them, of course, the heaviest that i showed you in
11:50 am
delaware. let's show you some of the towns that are actually getting some of that heavy rain. marsha marshallton at 66, greenville, 65. wilmington, just about into the heaviest rain. as this goes to the southeast, it's going to get to reedy point and odessa. middletown is 67 degrees. you can see more showers down by the delaware beaches. only 65 degrees at dewey beach right now. but that rain is going to be moving out, as we head through the afternoon. at least the steadier and heavier stuff. we'll have a few renegade showers around perhaps, but look what happens this evening. we have cloudy skies, but we don't have much in the way of rain. there's going to be a lot of stuff down by baltimore, washington, but here we are, friday, and that drier air starting to come down from the north. and so by friday morning, we've got sunshine in northern parts of the area. clouds to the south.
11:51 am
and eventually, the southern areas clear out as well. so as we go through tomorrow, the farther north you are, the earlier the clearing is going to take place. and therefore, the warmer weather. reading up to 82 degrees tomorrow. easton, 81. keep that in mind when i show you some of the other numbers. west chester, 80. phoenixville, 79. getting down toward philly, again, close to 80. mt. airy, 80. no rain in the forecast. but a lot more clouds, cooler weather, in new jersey, haddonfield, only 75 degrees for the low. and then atlantic city, of course, only 68. could be a little rain in the morning, and similar story in wilmington and dover, could see the temperatures only into the 70s. but the weekend, that's a different story. sunshine all through the area saturday and sunday. temperatures a little bit above
11:52 am
average, but the humidity is not going to be high at all. so it's just going to be delightful for a lot of folks. saturday and sunday. then the heat starts to come in. monday at 92 degrees. tuesday, 92 with some thunderstorms. but that is not going to last, and we'll be back to the comfort in the middle of next week.
11:53 am
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welcome back. about five minutes before noon. do you know a group making a difference in your community? we need your help to recognize their contributions. nbc10 and nbcuniversal are giving away frantz to local nonprofits. we call it 21st century solutions, and the goal is to support organizations implementing new and innovative programs. the application is on our website, and the deadline to apply is august 26th. ♪ >> well, if you're a fan, you have some good news in store. mumford and sons are the main headliner of the firefly festival. it runs through sunday at woodlands in dover. other headliners are two door
11:56 am
cinema club, kings of leon, and florence and the machine. coming up this afternoon at 3:00, it's ellen with modern family's ty burrell, and alison sweeney. then nbc10 news at 4:00. this afternoon, water woes that left a local family thirsting for help. their fridge wasn't working right, and they couldn't get the fix they needed. so they called nbc10 responds. at 4:00, see how harry hairston stepped in to help this afternoon. it's all on nbc10 news at 4:00. well, nbc10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz joins us now with a check of your gloomy thursday weather, but there's good news on the horizon. >> yeah, and that's this is just going to last a little while longer. we're going to see tremendous improvement as we go into the day tomorrow. there could be a little bit of rain in delaware and extreme south jersey. first thing tomorrow morning, but then the dry air comes in
11:57 am
and you get a spectacular weekend. >> all right, we like to hear that. especially for father's day. for glenn "hurricane" schwartz and all of us here at nbc10, thanks for watching.
11:58 am
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